Get to know the team (Blair)

  1. How do you know the other directors?

Well I have known Andrew since I was born, unfortunately. I met Akash at uni and just knew him as the loud Indian guy that was mates with everyone. We all done a year abroad together and that’s where it really started.


  1. How do you find running your own company with your friends?

Definitely has its perks. We can be completely honest with each other in terms of where we see the company going and any decisions we make. It would maybe be easier to just hold back if you didn’t know each other.


  1. What’s your most memorable moment at MiDigs?

Probably standing in the Centre Circle at Hampden. Having watched my team win a cup there it was pretty special to get out onto the pitch.


  1. When you’re not in the office, how do you like to spend your time?

Weirdly I am always thinking about MiDigs so it’s pretty difficult to switch off. Been known to like a pint at the weekend.


  1. What are the best and worst purchases you’ve ever made?

Worst purchase is easy. Once bought a pair of speakers out the back of a white van that turned out to be empty wooden boxes. That’s £200 I will never see again.

Best purchase would probably be tickets to a festival in Croatia. From what I remember it was pretty good.


  1. What’s your favourite lunch spot in Glasgow?

Got to be Loon Fung for me.


  1. Any words of wisdom to share?

Just keep going. Some days can be pretty tough when its not going your way but keep at it.